It all starts with you! 
Which lens are you committed to seeing life through?

Brought to you by the Best Selling Author, Family and Wellness Coach, 
Deana La Rosa

Powerless VS Empowered 
We all have a past that has brought us to where we are. Once we dive into our childhood and earlier adulthood we're able to move past and open ourselves up to the endless possibilities. 

Starting with the End in Mind
Know you want to accomplish BIG things? 
When we know what it is we are committed to creating and we say it out loud, our thoughts become our reality. 
Leaving a Legacy
How do you want to be remembered? 
We'll dive into ways of being which will determine the legacy that you leave.

About Your Presenter
Deana La Rosa is an entrepreneur, coach and best selling author, but the greatest roles she serves is as a mom and wife. Her extensive experience with co-parenting and blending families was built from her own journey. Her passion for this cause has led her to guide others through their own unique co-parenting/blended family experience. Deana's ability to create authentic connections and build sustaining relationships has been an integral part of understanding others' needs to achieve success in their personal and professional life. Deana is humbled by the opportunities and successes she has been blessed with. Deana lives her life by the words "Live to Give" and believes that her professional victories have been cultivated through a commitment to putting family and community first.
Deana truly believes that family is the foundation, and the way to a fulfilling life; When we focus on our vision and look through the lens of gratitude, love and possibility, anything can be accomplished. God and her faith also guide her each day. Deana’s vast experience with family coaching ranges from helping families navigate separation, divorce, co-parenting, blending families and step-parenting.
Deana’s best selling book, Blended Families: A Roadmap for Success walks readers through lessons learned from Deana’s experiences and provides a wealth of knowledge that can take someone from feeling lost to creating a unified family. When Deana is not coaching families or leading her team in the office, she is spending time in nature with her husband, five children, and 4 dogs in central Florida.
Are you ready to go from Surviving to Thriving??

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Deana La Rosa is a mom, stepmom, CEO, and author. Her best selling book, Blended Families, A Roadmap to Success has helped countless families go from chaos to harmony. Stop surviving and begin to thrive using the training, tips, and strategies delivered by Deana. 
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